Top 5 Tips For Choosing The Best Online Dating Sites For Single Moms

Online dating can be safe and fun
Online dating can be safe and fun
Being a single mom is one of the most difficult things for most ladies. It has its own fair share of tribulations and trials. Undoubtedly, dating is among the top frustrations that these women face. This is why most of them prefer using online dating sites to find their perfect match. However, most of the sites are full scams.

You will read lots of online reviews where single moms are complaining about some online dating sites. This scenario has left most of them at a loss, not knowing how to select the prime sites for online dating. Read on for useful guidance on the same.

Relative close male to female ratios

This may not be one of the strongest factors to consider, but it is still essential. Some single moms join sites that have too many members of the female gender. This poses a threat with regard to competition. Sticking in such sites might give you an overall negative opinion about online dating. Choose a site that has almost equal ratios of both genders. That way, you will get more opportunities to interact with the opposite gender and find a perfect match.

Consider the intent of most members

Looking for love? Try online dating
Looking for love? Try online dating
A good number of online dating sites have men who are only interested in going out and probably getting laid. While that may seem ideal for younger persons, that is not what a typical single mom would need. Most single moms are normally on the look out for Mr. Right.
One should doubt sites where after a couple of years, they still find the same guys in the same position. Most of such people are those interested in getting laid. It also implies that the site has less of serious people.

Check out the numbers of active members

Be aware of possible scammers
Be aware of possible scammers
Most sites usually claim millions of members in their domain. For the most part, single moms fall for this factor not knowing that it is a lie. Many of such sites have a negligible percentage of their population as active members. You have less to benefit from a site that has too many inactive members.

In addition, one should wonder why most of the members are inactive. It could be that the site is full of scammers and people who are never serious. This is why it is vital to dig deeper before falling for the big numbers in terms of membership.

Look at the attractiveness of members

Whilst most single moms may not dwell so much on the attractiveness of their prospective partner, one should consider it when choosing the best online dating sites. A site that attracts a bigger percentage of good looking people has a lot to offer. It means that there is something unique on that site that keeps attracting such persons.


Be ready to find Mr right
Be ready to find Mr right
At the end of the day, the end justifies the means. When evaluating the finest online dating sites for single moms, consider the probability of successful dates. If the site has a history of people finding quality partners and dating successfully, that site would be worth a try.

5 Flirting Tips That Will Get You Their Number!

Flirting is an important tool in  the dating game
Flirting is an important tool in the dating game
Flirting is a sport that can add exciting dating years to your life story. You may be dying to catch the attention of the guy or girl who has recently moved into the neighbourhood or you could be fancying an exclusive evening with your cousin’s new friend you meet at a party. Whatever the case may be, making your first move to express your interest in the opposite sex may be a risk of sorts. Are you underplaying too much for them to notice or are you going too forward too soon?

Flirting could help you win a few friends of an opposite gender. But if gone wrong it or make you the jerk everyone wants to run away from.

There is no foolproof method to get a hundred percent strike rate on your romantic endeavours. However you can get better at your game keeping a few tips in mind before you make your first move.

1. Focus on yourself first

Focus on yourself and in  what you want out  of the relationship
Focus on what you want out of the relationship
Are you the kind of person someone would like to get to know more? It’s important to build an interesting personality and use your natural charm to magnetize the opposite sex. Dressing well and being hygienic would definitely add up to your score. Being knowledgeable and physically fit also works to build your confidence and brings about a natural air of confidence around you. Before you set out to engage in the flirting exercise ask yourself this question-would someone be flattered to have you flirt with them?

2. Don’t be an attention seeker

Being loud and cheeky may get you their attention but will only set a negative first impression making it tough for you to win their heart. Make your presence felt subtlety with élan.

3. Don’t make yourself look desperate

Keep calm and they'll come to you
Keep calm and they’ll come to you
You cannot afford to sit shy and hope that your love interest would magically make the first move. However don’t play this game like a hunter chasing a prey. In your first meeting make sure you give him or her space.
Also focussing all your attention on one person at a social gathering may put you out of your game. Make him or her know that you are popular and do not need to prey around to make a new boy or girl friend.

4. Your first hello could get you the deal

You first interaction with him or her will decide most of your fate of your romantic episode. Whether it lasts a single hello or results in exchange of phone numbers depends on your first five seconds of conduct with your prospect in question.

5. You would need some bait

The flirting game is on
The flirting game is on
Once introduced you do not want to stare away into nothing during awkward silences. So you better arm yourself with a few salvos to impress your prospective love interest. A good tip is to garner knowledge of common interest from common friends that could be used in your advantage in an opening conversation. A subtle compliment or good clean humor could win you a podium position in their heart.

You may get everything right and still earn a polite rejection or your best of moves may still fail to impress your object of affection. What do you do in that case? Show your sportsmanship spirit and get up again, dust off your wounded ego and move on!

Make Your Diet Work For You

Start a healthy diet
Start a healthy diet
Have you been a victim of yo-yo dieting syndrome? You may often go on different diets and make different fitness resolutions but soon became complacent after your initial success and lose focus after earning a few compliments. This would make you pile back those lost kilos and then you are back to square one. And then when you hear of another fad diet working for your friend’s cousin in a different land you may be tempted to try it again. With repeated trials and errors and going back and forth on your weighing scale, you may lose more of your enthusiasm and grit than your body mass. Here are five tips that will help you make your diet work for you:

1. Never go on a crash diet

In the grit to lose weight you may decide to go on a crash diet. Not only does it make your immunity system weak, these diets are not sustainable on a long run. Such diets may kelp you lose a few kilos fast but you are likely to earn them back and more as soon as you get off the diet. A pointer to keep in mind is that whatever diet you decide to follow it should not be a temporarily one but it should be a lifestyle change that can be followed for a lifetime.

2. Maintain a Food Journal

Keep a detailed food journal
Keep a detailed food journal
You can always have better control on what you track. Many studies also point out that people who maintain a food journal to keep a track of their eating habits and likely to lose weight faster or get their desired results quicker.

3. Don’t weigh in daily

Some people like to check the progress of their diet on a daily basis. Some even like to check their weight at different times during the day. Some diets take time to affect your body especially if you are trying to lose weight. Such regular check-ins may discourage you from sticking to your diet and may put you off track from your diet plan. Weekly or monthly weigh-ins should help you track your progress more efficiently.

4. Sneak in your favourite treats

Make sure you don’t lose your mind during dieting. It should be an enjoyable experience. While planning your diet, make sure you sneak in some of your favourite treats although in moderation. Long term abstinence from your favourite treats may cause you mood swings or hunger pangs that could make you indulge into binge eating.

5. Plan your meals in advance

Do not improvise when it comes to your meals
Do not improvise when it comes to your meals
A smart dieter always plans his or her meals in advance. This prepares the body and mind in advance of the meal timings and what they are going to be eating. Also it prevents hunger pangs and unnecessary binge eating.

If you are serial dieter you may been missing some or all of the above points. Incorporate the above tips in your diet plan in consultation with your dietician and earn your desired fitness goals.

Signs That Your Child Will Become Broke In The Future

Struggling with your family budget
Struggling with your family budget
In these hard times, you need to find ways to cut on your expenses. There are cases however where you start wondering why you still falls short in your budget even if you have cut your expenses already. In this case, your kids might be the reason why you still don’t hit the budget. Here are some signs that your child will struggle financially in the future:

Your child reacts to advertisements at once

Every time your child sees a commercial on time, he tells you to buy what’s being advertised. As a parent who is very conscious on the family budget. When he or she thinks that an item is cool, he or she immediately wants to buy it. When you observe this in your kid, he or she might grow up to become an impulsive buyer. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he will surely become one. As a parent, it is your responsibility to correct your child when he is still young. Make him understand that as much you want to give all the things that he wants, there are things that may look cool but he may not need at all. You can also teach your child to work hard for what he wants such as saving for the things he wants.

Your child struggles with his assignments and tasks

Teach your child to spend wisely
Teach your child to spend wisely
When your kid consciously or unconsciously forgets to show you his assignment, this might become a habit. You must teach your kids about responsibility because when he constantly forgets he might also forget to pay his bills or his due payments by the time he is on his own. Compliment him when he shows you his assignment or when he gives you updates in school. Compliment him also when he finishes his chores on time or it is better if you reward him so that he will feel assured. Not only does he need to finish his assignments and his tasks, he has to finish everything on time and with quality.

Your child seems to make quick and often stupid decisions

Your child needs to understand the value of money
Your child needs to understand the value of money
You usually track all your expenses up to the very last detail so you can assess what steps can you make to cut on your expenses. Once you know what to do, you try to implement your plan. This should not only be practiced by parents but also by kids. However, they don’t need to track the family expenses. They can start tracking on what they spent on their allowances. You can talk to them what steps can they take and what are the things that can be classified as wants and needs. By doing so, they learn to become sensible in their expenditures even in their young age.


The habits that your kids display in their age can reflect how they will become in the future. As a parent, you should take time to correct negative habits and compliment them on their positive traits so they’ll become financially stable in the future.

5 Great Leadership Lessons To Learn From 2012

Learn to be a better leader
Learn to be a better leader
The biggest leadership lessons from 2012 are interesting and very helpful for those interested in this area. In leadership mistakes are many, but they can be avoided and offer the best possible. Read on to see 5 big lessons that you can learn from 2012.

Manage you vision like an institution

This is the biggest leadership lesson from 2012. The late Steve Jobs taught this lesson in 2012 and this left his dream alive. Apple has continued to well even after losing the Visionary founder. It is clear to everyone that Apple is not going down; in fact it’s getting stronger because Steve Jobs took time to institutionalize his great vision deeply in the company. He instilled it in every one who was part of Apple’s management.

Look at your company; are you the only one managing it? Ask yourself if your business can survive without you. The best way to work is hire, coach and mentor employees who would be there to continue running the business when you are no longer there.

Big is not always important

In 2012 may there were high expectations on the Facebook IPO. This was anticipated to be something big and investors were looking forward to it. But, it turned out to be a fizzle-this is clear lesson. Big things are not always important.

Look around you and see the big things that you giving attention. If you check closely, you will realize that some of them are just big but do not have an essential meaning. Dumping some of the big projects can be an advantage than pursuing them and end up wasting resources.

Planning may be nothing, but it means everything

Lead the team effort to go forward
Lead the team effort to go forward
This lesson can be drawn from Mars Rover Curiosity landing. This happened in August and pure show of leadership even when facing incredible uncertainty. Planning is important, but becomes meaningless when they fail. Most important is that failing of plans does not mean failure of a project. If Curiosity had not planned to land in Mars, he would not have done.

Avoid deals that you do not understand

In November, Hp announced that it would write off $9 billion, part of its investment Autonomy. This was incredible; it had paid $12 billion for the company in 2011. This tells a lot about the CEO and auditors of the firm. They bought something that they did not understand.
Avoid going for things that look good and are available. Stay away from investments that you do not understand

Leaders should lead

The success of your business depends on your leadership skills
The success of your business depends on your leadership skills
This is what United States is asking for political leaders. They have made mistakes in leadership and what they need to do is lead- leaders should take up their responsibility in leadership.


Leaders learn all the time to become better leaders. At the end of every year they can look back and learn from achievements and mistakes made by other leaders. This is the way to instill confidence in the people they are leading.